The following are the main church committees that guide the growth and development of our congregation. If you are interested in any specific committee or have any questions, please contact us.


  • Responsible for all aspects of worship, as well as provision and care of items used in worship services (such as communion ware, hymnbooks, Bibles etc.).
  • Arrange schedules for people serving in worship services and special events, such as presiders, deacons, pianists etc. Arranges training and ongoing oversight of their work.
  • Arranges  for Sunday speakers and translators as needed.
  • When the congregation is without a minister, supervises the Church Assistant in preparation of bulletin and other worship-related matters, and works with the  Director of Music in selection of hymns.

Christian Education

  • Overall responsibilities of children, youth and adult christian education.
  • Recruit teachers for all levels of Sunday School and Christian Education.
    Promote continuous education for all Schedule School teachers.
  • Promote continuous education for all Schedule School teachers.

Pastoral Care

  • Works with church pastor to care for members and their well-being.
  • Extends prayers and comforts to in adversity and celebrates in happy events for members and their family.
  • Responsible for arranging transportation for members not able to come to worship and other church functions.
  • Manage and maintain communication networking system among church members.
  • Provide attendance records and delivered bulletin to absentees as required.
  • Pastor care connections and communications with Taiwanese church communities.


  • Responsible for choir, anthem and all musical related praise with an attempt to inspire meaningful worship services.
  • Recruit choir members, conductor and/or members for the singspiration.
  • Monitor and work with music director to enhance and promote overall praise program.
  • Seek out and fulfill choir musical program needs.


  • Promote church ministries and spiritual development of church members.
  • Arrange family bible studies and prayer meetings.
  • Organize Retreats or other mission-related gatherings.
  • Monitor and recommend external spiritual gatherings and opportunities within the church community


  • Partake in communities’ welfare, human rights and social justistic as governed by Untied Church.
  • Partake in Taiwan welfare, human rights and social justistic as governed by Untied Church.